Social media playbooks and influencer collaborations for the 9 branches of Hyatt Hotels.
(Presented here is one example of an influencer commission and one example of a social playbook.)
Commissioned Influencer
Selecting and Guiding instagram influencer duo @virroylola in capturing Hyatt Ziva - Puerto Vallarta.
(Reference Image given to influencer)
(Reference Image given to influencer)
(Photo taken by @virroylola)
(Photo taken by @virroylola)
(Reference GIF given to influencer)
(GIF created by @virroylola)
(Additional photos taken by @virroylola based on references)
Social Playbook
Social media playbooks were created for all 9 Hyatt hotel branches. This example is
for Park Hyatt.
Step 1:
(Brand Guidelines) - Based on the over arching aesthetic for each hotel
we determined the visual identity for each hotels social media presence. 
Step 2:
(Content) - Based on the personality of each branch along
with the unique things they each have to offer. We curated reoccuring social posts with examples of brand language 
used in captioning. For Park Hyatt we created a high end
voice with a focus on art and culture.
(Below are just two examples created for Park Hyatt, typically
6-10 post concepts are created for each playbook)
Step 3:
(Capture) - Once all guidelines have been created and social content has been established we then create a shot list and go onsite to a Hyatt location to capture fresh imagery to be used on social media. 
(Below are photos taken at the Park Hyatt in NYC following social playbook guidelines.)