New York, NY

LOCALIZE.CITY is a home hunting tool, giving power back to the home hunters and renters of New York City. Localize presents each listing on their website with insights ranging from housing violations, to upcoming construction, and even neighborhood history. This information

is gathered from data analysis and a team of in-house urban planners.


An extensions of the freshly launched out-of-home campaign,

further developing the brand language and identity through social media.  


Developing's first out of home campaign, created by the NYC agency Interesting Development. The campaign aims to cut the bullshit

out of the real-estate industry.


Is a reoccurring content series. Every week we highlighted a neighborhood 

around New York City, in order to continue championing the brand value of transparency. We went onsite to experience what the neighborhoods had to offer, using Localize's data to further inform home hunters about the unique personalities of each area.


Is a reoccurring content series where each week we selected one listing to explore and experience.


- Creating a more in-depth and visually playful home hunting experience for our followers. 


As an extension of the spray paint out of home campaign, we kept the DIY and slightly imperfect style through the use of multi-colored, gel pen, hand-drawn animations.